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Full text of "Historical Booklet of the First Presbyerian Church, Avenel, New Jersey"

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of the 



1927 - 1952 

Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the 

Organization of the Church 


The Reverend Warren W. War man, Pastor 


Clair A. Morrow, D. D. 
1929 - 1930 

of the 

PreslDytery of SlizaTDO-fch 
S^'iiod of New Jersey 
Presbyterian Church, U. S. A« 

OBGAITIZSD - Novem^r 10, 1927 

This BOOia^T includes the following: 
A hrief history of the ch-urch 
The iSimda.y schools prior to 1927 
Sapx?ly minicsters^ 1923-1930. 
Ohui'ch property, Building, committees 

and ceremonias, 1929-30 j 1949-50 
Bolls of padtors; eldois. clerl:s, 

deacon.T; ti'-uaGeGS, communicant 

iiiGiiil2ri3 ichrcnulc;?ii^il order); 

"sons*-.. Truijtoo presidents and 

Begisxer of marriagos 
Installations of pastors 
Sotiie donations and mGmorials 
The community of Avenul 
Annual roports to Genoral AssomlDly 
OfficiaJ. l)oard3, 1S52 
Directory of organizations, 1952 
Miscellaneous information 
Bibliography, index and dupplement. 
Qovcr ; Tictures of church and pastors. 

By The Eovorond Vforron \7. \7arman 

Published - 1952 - the ^-oar of tho 
Sosquicontonnial Anniversary of 
Proshj'torian National Missions. 

A Brief History (1) 

of the 

On May 21, 1927 Charles A. Lindbergh made his 
historic flight across the Atlantic, On October 4th 
of the same year the Presbytery of Elizabeth received 
a carefully dra^m arid largely signed paper frcm cer- 
tain residents of Avenel, petitioning for the organi- 
zation of a Presbyterian church, "After due discussion 
and the presentments of Elder William H. Gardner of 
The First PresbytGi'ian Church of WoodbridgGj on behalf 
of the petitioners, the CommitteG on National I^Iissions 
was duly diroctcd to proceed" with the work of organi- 
zation, if the way be cioar, and as soon as arrange- 
ments could bo completed," 

On November- 10th the meeting to effect the organi- 
zation was hold in the Avoncl Public Library, with 
The Rev, Plorbort K. England of Roselle, chairman of 
Presbytery* s Comnittoe, serving as chairman end 
conducting the devotions. Dr. Joseph L. Ewing served 
as clerk of the mefeting. About 30 persons were 
present. At this time the 28 charter members (listed 
in this booklet} were received — 14 by certificate, 
9 by reaffirmation of faith, and 5 by profession of 
faith. Several others signified their intention to 
secure their certificates, 

!Phe Session (Eldership) 

On motion, it was resolved that the organization 
committee be authorized to name a Ibderator and 3 
elders of nearby churches to serve temporarily as 
the Session, Those selected were: The Rev, 
Chester M, Davis, Moderator, of First Presbyterian: 
Church, Rahway; Llr.'Willi^Jti H, Gardner, Elder,, of ..'■ 
First Presbyterian Church, Woodbridge; Frederick L# 
Mintel, Elder, of Second 'Presbyterian Church, Rahway; 
and Iilr, Howard W,- Thorn, Elder, Proshyteri-an- Church, 

IvCbsiirsc J. J» Lonegan, J» Arvid Winquist, and 
Benjamin B. Clark were elected to serve three, 
tu-o, and one year terms, respectively, as trustees. 

Corpoi''ate Name 

OrT motion of llrs. William B* Krug, The First 
Pi-63bytexdan Chur ch of Avenel was adopted as the 
corporate name of the church. 

SUNDA Y SCHOOL (Prior to 1927) 
In 1871, according to the Woodbridge Independ- 
en-'cj (newspaper) of Nov. 22, 1929, the first move 
was made to hold religious services of the Protes- 
tant faith "by the organizing of a union Sunday 
tchool. This was held in the public school on 
Sto Geoi'ge Ave. called the Six Roads School House. 
VSiic Vo MoEenjsie was the first superintendent, and 
served two years. Llr. John M. Claark, a pioneer 
re ri dent of Avenel and a relative of Abraham Clark, 
one of the signers of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, was the second superintoudent and served 
continuous Ij?- until 1895. 
^'Irst Building J>"|':ind 

It WB.3 dioriiig IvIl'c Clark's superintendency that 
a buildfaig fund was started. $400*00 was realized 
at a three-day bazaai^o In 1894 the fund reached 
First Sunday 3 chool B uild ing 

In 1895 the Jlemarest Union Chapel was built on 
a plot donated by the Ifealty Trust Company of JNbw 
York*. For several years Sunday school was held 
there under the leadership of the following super- 
intendents: Thomas Lindsay of Rahway, Wendol- 
ken, S. N. Greenhalgh, B. F. Ellison, and others.** 
For a time services were discontinued. 

About 1919 William H. Gardner of Woodbridge, 
seeing the need of a Sunday school in Avenel, re- 
juvenated the work, which has been continued to 
this time. New trustees were elected, and a 
building fund inaugurated for a new church. Due to 
** Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Albee and Robert Haviland. 

the heavy traffic on St. George Ave., endangering (3) 
ths children, the people gathered for worship in 
the J. W. BroTOie residences and in the old commun- 
ity house on Pennsylvania Ave. (1923 and 1924) 
Then arrangements were made through the Board of 
Education to hold services in the public school 
on Avenel Street. Soon, after holding services 
there, it was voted to change the Sunday school 
from a union school to a Presbyterian Sunday school 
under the Presbytei^ian Board of National Missionsa 
Massrs. V7. H. Gardner, J. Arvid Winquist and A* E* 
Schmidt were superintendents* The membership of 
the school reached 100 • 

Officers and Teachers of the Avenel Presbyterian 
Sunday School : Vi&a. H. Gardner, Supt. and organizer* 
B, F, Ellison, Sr« , Sec» J« V. L. Bobbins, Treas. . 
Teachers: Mrs. L. VanSlyke, Mrs* Mao Greenhal^, 
Miss Belle P, Ellison, Lliss S. Sabo> Mrs* D# P. 
De Young, and Miss Roda Sabo* " From the brief sketch • 
on page two of a printed letter dated June 12, 1929 . 
(an appeal for funds for a church building) "these 
same people were backers of the church, and were it 
not for these and a few other faithful ones, the 
Church would never have survived those trying days 
in the Club House*" It is also' noted that E*, Ray 
Cameron was the true pioneer, being the first 
(student) pastor of the Church, serving frpm.May 6, 
1923 to April 26, 1925* 

Mr. F* L. I^intel, a charter elder and,ExQC. Sec* 
N* J. Christian Endeavoir Union attributed the actual 
bogimiing of the Church project to the enthusiasm of 
the young people for a place in which to worship and 
hold their meetings* The local C» E, group was ' 
organized in 1925* > ' , 

Supply Mnisters and St udents 

In addition to E. Ray Cameron^ Princeton Seminary 
furnished the following students for the ministry t^ 
Avenel: E. A* Wallace (who married Laurabell 
VanSlyke, and died while serving as a Chaplain in 
World War II), John Gregory, Robert 0. Lockhart, 
>. E". "SAQ^aon, and Clai r, A. Morrow,. „^;ij^ tlio w^rly part 


of 192S 3)r, Duncan M- Camoror., retired minisfeer 

of We -st field, sGrved as suvjp3y pastor. 

Dr^ J« L. Ijtwjng, Supi;*. of National Missions 

of N^ Jo, T7as hslpfu.1 in the new venture. 

ThejCJrr^cli !P 7* op Rrty on Wo odb ridge Avenue . 

Tlio ! of^tlia present original church "build- 
ing (L9^S cornerstone time) on Woodbridge Avenue 
nag foyraSi'ly ounerd by John M. Claxk (Supt. for 
inany ycfiirsJ, and donated by his son, Benjamin B» 
Clarke' The frontage was 116 eSI^ feet and the Kirk 
St.. sidG extended (toward highways 1 and 25) 
l:35«/3 faetc The rear of the lot was about 85 ftr 
/kiid thft fourth side measured 150^ ft. That was ^" 
T>^q€ n^. Jane 28, 1930, recorded Jan. 30, 1930/ 
puedj.c^, March 6, ,1930, recorded March 20, 1930 
covere the same land as shown in <leed 719 but does 
not have the restriction .in it ag to reverting to 
the. iTesbyteiy of ^lizabeih (for such a c]&use is 
unnecesffary dije to. church laeur, all property re- 
verting to Presbytery in case of failure, etc. ) 

Other deeds vftiich cover the property in 1952: 
Deed :5^W.i, Ec B«, Clark to First Presbjrteri an 
ChTui'ch of Avenel, June 12, 1931, recorded 
June 15. 1931. This covers the land for the 
i^an oe ,. being connected to the original land 
and DBasTiring 83.17 feet front and back and 
.150 fto in depth. A donation. (Note? IJhe . 
' 19SC building addition cuts off a sOLight 
piece of the manse land. ) . :l . 

Deed ^9?.! ; Be B, Clark to First Presbyterian 
Churoii of Avenel, July 1, 1933, recorded 
Jtay 26, 1933. This is erbra land behind the 
church property and measures 166.33 ft. by 
150 ft. by 132,66 ft. by 153.72 ft., bei^ng 
on extension (toward highways 1 and ESi of .. 
church-^nanse property. A donation. , . / . 
Deed 5349 , B. B. Clark and First Presbyterian 
Church of Avenel, March 12, 1947, recorded 
July 18, 1949. More ext ra land 51.24 ft. 

beyond above land, jneasnilng 207.06', 138.73*, 
207.06', 138. 73* $500.00 paid. 


1928 Building Commi ttee - A. hU Smith, Sr., P. A. 
Cunningham, Sr., and J. B« Labat (Minutes of 5-29-28) 

1928 Bu i3 .ding Fund Committee - \fci. H. Gardner, 
J. J, Donegan, B. B. Ciark, and J, A, winq.aist, 

1929 Build ing Fund B oosters - The Ladies' Aid Society, 
with £3 mftiiibcrjs, had 'jG5Cc,34 in the Building F'ond 
account; Mrs* Pomero/ reported. The seme year Dorothy 
Ellison, t r e a R ure r of the Chr :. s t J. an^ Endea-'^cr S c_q ? ^t y , 
reported •5100.00 in its Building Fui'd, iit that time 
33 m^amberc were in the group.- Marion "i^aigrle was 
president. Mrs. A. Scl:L]:nidt reported ^25^00 in the 
Building Fund of the Jr. C. E. Society^ 25 members. 

1929 Cornerstone Laying - On November 24 at 3r00 
o'clock about 150 cifctanded this ceremony in spite 
of e^C'iGudingly inclenient weather. The program was 
held in the church building, with only the actual 
laying of the corncrstonG and the benediction in the 
open, according tc the l7oodbridgG Ind^^pGndont of 
Nov. 29, 192So The program; F. L, liintel conducted 
the services, loading in the responsive reading. 
The Rgv^ Ernest; Abbott, l^oodbridge, had the dedication 
prayer. Hon. ;&i. A. Ryan, rca-yor of '."/ocdbridgo (town- 
ship), greet ingn , C. A. I.Iorrc^ brought greetings 
from the church. The He v. Kei-bcro IC. Kixgland^ Chairman 
of iJ'ational Histrlons Cofflo?ittoe and Stated Clerk of the 
Presbytery of 2:'i:Labeth, J. B. Labat, President of 
Board of Trustees » C. E, Po'terson, builder and liilliem 
Finne, architect, assisted the Rev. C. "LL Davis. Iloder- 
ator of the i^.veixel church, of Ram/ay First Church, 
in the laying of the cornerstone, and the benediction 
was pronounced by the Rev. James V/. Laurie, of the 
Second Church, Rahway, 

( -■ ) 

Dc'i • cation of ncir church April 6, 1950, 5; 15 p.m. 

lTie''^.Togram from a printed copy in tho historical file; 
ProludG. Hymn - "How Firm a Foundation." 
R^j^ponsivG Reading #29. Gloria. The Iloderator's 
Declaration, The Rev. V/, G. Fclmeth, lioderator of 
the Presbytery of Elizabeths ilnthen ("Tho Spacious 
Firmament" according to Tlrs, Krug, Organist.) 
Brief History, The Rev. G. A. Liggett, Ph. D., 
Springfield* Scripture, The Rcv.^ E. S. Abbott, 
WooatridgG. Act of Dedication with minister and 
people taking pairt. Solo by IjIts. Hcrmina E. Brovmo, 
Newark* Dedicatory Prayer, Dr. J, L. Ewing, Supt^ 
National Missions, N. J. Announcements, Clair A» 
Morrow, Pastor. Offering, Tho Rev. James V/. Laurie, 
Second Cliurch, Rahway. Dodic^tory Address, The Rev# 
Vfci. K. licKinney, D.D., West field. Prayer, The Rev* 
C. lir Davis, 1st Church, Rahway. and Jtodorator of 
(Avcnel) Session. Hymn, "Christ is Made the Sure 
Foundation". Benediction and Postludo. 

llr. John B* Labat was the treasurer of the 1928-29 
Building Fund and also of the 19_50 Building Fund. 

The 1950 Addition t o the Church 

In 1929 the population of Avcnel was estimated at 
1,500« For ten years there was little growth in tho 
coiiraunity. Since 1939 hundreds of new houses have 
been built in the ii-venel area of approximately 2j- 
sg.uarc miles. New highways and large mr-nufacturing 
plants in tho general area and the desire of residents 
to move from cities like Newark, Elizabeth, Kearney 
and Jersey City brought mbre people to communities 
like Avenel and rfolonia. The church ar.d its school 
and orgcuiizationg grew considerably in the decade 
from 1939 to 1949. 

On Nov. 27, 1945 when a farewell dinner was 
given in honor of Dr, and Jlrs. ¥. K. Mc Kinney the 
old mortgage was burned . (Trustee I.Iinutos) The 
Inward Movement Campaign , 1943-45, raised the 
1^7,500. needed. Creditors cancelled another ^1,750. 

1949 Ground "Breaking Service 


On Nov. 27, 1949, after, Galloway had left to serve 

the Ivlatawan Presbyterian Church and when-LIr. Y/arman was 
pastor-elect but nob yet on the field, the Grcunc' -Breaking 
Ceremony for the new addition which included the enlarge- 
ment of the sanctuary and a connecting building for 
Church School and other^ purposes was held, -with the following 
taking part: Kenneth Taggart , eider & supt, of Church 
School, > Chairman, ~ Dr. -Go I.I. Davis, T.rhvsy , I'ho R-.^v. E. H. 
Devanny, i/oodbridge. The Rev. C« Ac GalloTrayj Tiaca-j^n, 
Dr. \L K, McK-lnnsyj Westfiell, Dr^ H. K. ^OngxanGc Danellen, 
lkfc.yor Augus"i3 Greinei?, l^Toodurj.dge, and Kilii^ia Fi.ikonritam, 
Ghairraan Board of Trustees and Buiidirx^': OoiTji£::i btee. There 
were about 00 prosont at the aftcrrocn hc-ir^ 

Preliiainary arrangements with the Presbyijery and the 
Board of National Missions had been laao.e by I\(d:c Gallov/ay 
and officials of thc;i church and s-n agrr-cmont rith ?:.3rson & 
MacWiiliani, liotuchon, architects, and J, Arvid Jiiri'^uist , 
Avonci, contractor for a base bid of '^5^,300 befoi^o the 
call of Llr. './ariuan as the ncT: mdiiatoi ., 'Pho ■44'-j£g'- booklet 
of Specifications of Labor &: Ma"-jGr?al for Aloorations and 
Additions to the First ProsbT'torian Church Ic-stod on 
V/oodbridge Ave., Avonci bears the date of Soptc 26, 1949, 

1950 Corncr stonG I ;ayJ.tig - On S^anday, Mcrch 26, 1950 at 
3:00 0- clock an appropriate cerenony wa^: held v/ith the 
first part of the gcrvicc- in the original sanctuary and 
the laying of th'j 1150 cornerstone' (x^hlch had a copper 
box TTith many contents, noted on a specia], pr3.a!:od program) 
outdoors at the side entrance of the naiT buildip^-^-.. B.i.ose 
who took part are as foilc--si Inside— -I :!7i« v;m. B*". Irug, 
Organist. Mrs. Kenneth Ta^rgart, Senior Ohoj.r Directress; 
The Senior Ghoir^ The Rev« E. HJ D..n^■J,nn:/, V/oc dbr:ld;|e, 
responsive reading; o. H. l/eferxing, -Qhr. CornorsSona 
Laying Cori« , Tjolccnc; Hen. AnQist F. Gielnrr, lldyzT of 
V/oodbridge Tc-Tn^hip, gree\:ing5: I'l- . \J. z: LieUia;;jy, ;jest- 
field, i>criptarc (I Peter 2;l-10l; Dr. P. iL, blcinnar, 
Westfield, oos^^ago. The Congvog<:.tio;.i, T; siaig ^Cl-ist 
is Made the S-nrc I'Cundation"' as tng procesf.iona! /aAiri- 
*The Church's One Foundation" as the recc.vsicnal": .ii-^.d 

ou-^sidG — The Rqv. Bruce lU Evans, Moderator of 
the i?rcsbytcry of Elizabeth, Springfield, a brief 
mossc^Q; llr. J. P. Ettcrshank, Sr., ner; Chairman 
Building Committee, and the Rev, \U V/. Warman, 
pastor, placing the stone \7ith the assistance of 
Mason Contractor Joseph Leone, RahTray; and The 
Rev. F, W. Druckcnmillor, Conn. Farms, Union, 
prayer and benediction. Coffee and doughnuts were 
served in the old social room. 118 attended. 

I)ed ication of the Enl arged Sanctuary and the Educa" 
tioi}^l B uilding; Sunday, Sept 24, 1950, 5^30 
The ushers counted 329 people packed in the new 
enlarged sanctuary and in the adjoining choir room 
present at this service during which the following 
had a part* llrs. VTilliam B. Krug, Organist; Vxs* 
K. Tag'gart, Senior Choir Directress; The Rev. 
Ralph T. Haas, Crescent Ave. Church, Plainfield 
and Moderator of the Presbytery of Elizabeth, 
invocation; Dr. Vftn. K. iicICinney, Westfield, respon- 
sive reading; The Rev. C. A. Galloway, Matawan, 
Scripture, Nehemiah 4;l-23; J. P. Ettershank, Sr., 
Chro Building Com., delivery of keys; Dr. C. M. 
Davi-s, Rahway, prayer; The Rev. R. T. Haas, prayer 
of dedication with congregation responding; Dr. 
S. I\I. Robinson, 2nd Church, Elizabeth, sermon, 
'The Builder" (text: lloh. 4:6); adjournment to 
new Ch\irch School auditorium, through the choir 
room; The Rev. S. H. Devanny, Woodbridge, prayer; 
Hon. A. F. Greiner, Mayor of V7oodbridge Township, 
greetings; J. P. Ettershank, Sr., presentation of 
keys to K. Taggart, Church School Supt. "Blest 
be the tic that binds", benediction and Choral 
"AI.ISN". The Rev. v/. '//. '//arman presided and assisted 
throughout the dedication service. The hymns used 
in the sanctuary were 'The Church's one Foundation", 
'•Founded on Thee", and "Old Hundredth". Refresh- 
ments were served. The Senior CShoir sang 
**Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty" by Hosner during the 
service in the sanctuary. 

X930- The WLh OF PASTORS - 1952 (9) 

OUIR ARCHTS MORROW. Born Gentry, Ark-, 1-31-01. 

Occidental College, '24. P.T.S., *30. -Ordained 
6-20-30. Installed Avonel 6-20-30. Relationship , 

dissolved. 11.-15-30. Served Bolmar, K. J. and 

1st Ohurtih Prjcsno, Cal. Harried to A. Eleanor V/idney. 

Children: Richard 3>ivid, b. 1932 1 John -GhfirlGS, "5.1936. 
ROBEHT I. yikO PRIDE. Born Liverpool, England 7-29-65. 

N.Y.U,, »90.- M'.A,, »00. P.T.S., »9I. Union T.S., 

♦93, Ph. D'.,. nIy.U., '15. Pastor S«:gar Hill & I ton- 

teroy, N. Y,; CooporstoTm; 3d Ref, Church, Albany; 

Bethany, Trenton; Renssalaer, N.Y. ; Stony Point; 

Collingswood; Hillside; Avencl. Ordained 6-7-93. 

Installed 1-16-31. Relationship dissolved 1-8-40. 

lidarTiod Louise v/acchter. No children. Died 1-8-40. 
CHESTER A. GALLOmY. Born Plainficld, N. J. 6-29-11. 

Newark Col. of Eng., Rutgers, P.T.S. *42. Ordained 

5-3-42. Installed 5-24-42. Relationship dissolved 

10-15-49. Chaplain, U.S.N.R. »43-^45'. Pastor 

ilatawan, N. J, Married Kathryn Terry. Childrenj 

Terry Ann and Chester ./arren. 
WILLIAM KERR IvIC KINNEY. Bom \ftiitchills, Co. Antrim, 

Ireland, 5-29-76. Roy Un. '97; Mageo College, Thcol. 

Dept. '97; P.T.S. '00. Ordained 7-10-00. Home niiss.. 

Adirondack i'its. »98-»99. Pastor Hammonton, N.J.; 

Bridgeport, Pa.; Danville, Pa., Belief onto. Pa.; 

Vfestfield, N. J. ;P. E. l/cstfield Church '42-»62. 

Stated Supply from »43-^*45; Lbdorator late '49. Died 

2-26-52. Married I^rgaret Elizabeth Graham. No 

iMREN i/ALTON V/AH^^. Born Bound Brook, N. J. 8-25-02. 

toyvillc College, '34. P.T.S. '38. Ordained 7-14-38. 

Installed 12-7-49.. Aiarried Mary Sch^Tartz. Children: 

Mary Catharine, Doris Ann. Pastor at Jefferson Prosby. 

Pr^Ph;i^'?*^rr^°''--^'^^°^ Presbytery '41-'42; Lebanon, 
ra, Ohrist Church; 

P. E. - Pastoj? Etaeritua* - ' • - • 

P. T. S. - Princeton Theological Seminary. 


ROLL of ELDERS and Year Elected 

I,Ilnt'?l, Fo L. 1927 

Gcrdriar. ^. H. 1927 

Tlicroj.* Howard W, 1927 

retwoiler, Wrn, H. 1931 

Bischcff, Christian 1931 

Not t age, C, A. 1931 

Eaigrie, John W. 1932 

Lcngstreet, C« H. 1932 
Kllison, Be P. -«►*)/ 1933 

T.aii:bez-^, Leon C. 1933 

Joned, Merwin P. 1935 

L(.m£':Xi Joseph 1936 

Grt^eiiiiaigh, Howard 1937 

Johnson, Vfin. H. * 1937 

* On Session 1952 
Schmidt, A, E. 1938 

Tuttle, H.A. n 1938 

Winquist, J, A, 1939 
Wittnehert, E. W. 1939 
Rasmussen, A. T* ♦ 1942 
Seward, B. P. ♦ 1942 
^tershank,JP,Sr.* 1942 
Green, Spencer 1945 

Morgan, J, E« ♦ 1946 
Shaffer, Andrew 1947 
Beckley, Pred, ♦ 1949 
Lott, Pred ♦ 1949 

Taggart, K, 1949 

^eferling,. 0»H* * 1949 


Mntel, P. L, 1928-31 

Detweiler, \fai. H. 1931-34; 1944-45 
Jones, I^rwin Po 1935-36 

Longstreet, C, He 1933-? 

(No Session minutes from April 18, 
'-59 to early Aprils, 1940) 
ahitVLe^ Ho Ac, II 1940-42 (Dec, ) 
Oohnaon, \fcio Ha 1943-44 

Ettershank, J. P. Sr. 1946-48 (Jan,) 
Rasmussen, A. T. 1948- 

Dre P, lo MacBride was Clerk pro tern '34-35; •36-37» 
The Rev» J« L« Ewing was Acting Clerk of the Nov. 10, 
1927 meeting and Elder Yfai, H, Gardner is mentioned 
as Clerk of the Dec. 4, 1927 meeting, minutes signed 
by P. L« Mintol. 

Commisgioners to General Asaemhly 
J. P. Ettershank, Sr., Elder, - Grand Rapids, 1947 
©Id Itev. C. A. Galloway, Minister - Seattle, 1948 

ROLL of DEACONS and Year Elected ( 11 

~~""^ ~~ *~dn Board 1952 

Wlttnotoert, Mrs. E. \U 1941 Gory, J^Irs. Vfci. E. * 1944 

KuniG, IVIrs. V&i. 1941 Detweiler, Mrs* V/.* 1944 

Brecka, llrs. Frank * 1941 l<Vliitlcy, Mrs. V&i.* 194*6 

Johnson, Ivlrs. Vfa. H. * 1941 Hobbs, Ivirs. E. C. * 1946 

Joy, llrs. J. H., Sr. 1941 Nicr, Ifrs. Carl ♦ 1949 

Pomeroy, Ifrs. Alice M. 1941 MDzera, llira. C. ♦ 1949 

Baker, lirs. H.. J. 1942 Cl&xk, Ife-s. V/. 1949 

Russell, IvUss Matilda 1942 %ers, iVirs. R. * 1949 

Morgan, Mrs. J. E. 1942 Krutzler, Lfrs. J. ♦ 1949 

Zieseniss, lirs. A. 1943 Seward, lfrs. B. * 1950 

Beckley, l\Irs. Fred * 1952 

Donegan, J. J« 
Winquist, J. A. 
Clark, B. B* 
Labat', J. B. 
Cimninghgm, P. A., Sr 
Smith, Andrew M., Sr. 
A3rres, Herbert F. 
Pomeroy, Lendal V/. 
McKenzie, Charles 
Filer, James J. 
Jones, li&rwin F. 
Ayres, Harvey F.. 
Siessel, ,C. R,, Sr. 
Ellison, B. F., Sr. 
Seward, B. F. 
Beckley, Fred 
Pomeroy, Mrs. Alice 
De Young, Ivlrs. Dirk 
Gery, k&i, E. 
Rasmuasen, A. T. 
Aumack, Norman 
Mezera, Charles 
Johnson, Mrs. Vfin, 

ROLL of TRUSTEES .and .Year Elected 4 

. * On Boarqj 1952 

1927 .amith, A. M., Jr. 1939 

1927 Ettershapk, J.P.Sr.n941 

1927 Erogh, Carl 1942 

1928 Morgan, J. E. 19^2 
1928 Knott, Walter 1942 

1928 Shaffer, Andrew 1943 

1929 Shaffer, Stephen * 1943 
1929 Prasser, P. O.Sr. 1943 
1933 Myers, Richard 1944 
1933 Falkenstem, \'ka, * 1944 
1933 I^iazurek, C. 1944 
1933 Gribble, Ray, Sr. ^946 
1933 Kosic, Ed. * 1947 

1933 Speece, Edmund 1947 

1934 Plennert, N. * 1947 

1935 Jamison, C. H. * 1948 
1935 Vigh, Mrs. S. * 1943 

1935 Weferling, Ivlrs. O.Htl948 

1936 Rhodes, Joseph * 1950 

1937 Hunter, Andrew *' 1950' 

1937 Pinkham, S.A., Jr. 1950 

1938 Benson, "Jilfred 1950 
1938 Kiayser, G.A., Sr. 1951 

Head, Herbert * 1952 

(12) CX)iMJNICAOT' MEMBERS - Chronological List 

*0n Active Roll - 1952 
CHAHPER IvEIBSRS - NovemlDer 10, 1927 

Dirk B-. De- Young 

Ivlrsc Elta- 3. De Young 

Be^.^airiiii B. Clark 

A 5 All da. Van Slyke 

•I£v-c{^ Laura B. Van Slyke 

E erf her Van Slyke* 

I.Irjo Josephine M» Green 

Per-'iy A.. . Cunningham, Sr» 

L'Irs, ?* A« Cunningham, Sr. 

John. Jc Donegan. Sr. 

I:rr. ;. dohn J. Donegan, Sr. 

John C\ Donegan, Jr. 

JviirJij Donegan 

I.Iar.iorj.e Donegan 

J.Irs, William B. Krug* 

Andrew H. Smith, Sr. 

llrs. A. M.' Smith, Sr. 

ITilhelmina Smith 

Irma Smith 

Amanda Smith 

Charles R. Siessel, Sr.* 

I\5rs. C. R. Siessel, Sr.* 

Charles R. Siessel, Jr.* 

Mrs, Alice M. Pomeroy 

Ilrs. Ilary Crede 

Agnes Crede 

lJirs» Hiram I. Tut tie, Sr.* 

Holen Tuttle* 

Herbert P. Ayres 
Donald Baigrie 
MarJ.on B?dgrie 
Hed^'^ig B->irgmuellGr 
Cathorr-n^i V^ Christman 
Joan E?jthJr"Do Young 
Buth ilvclyn Dg Yo'ong 
Dor.'cthy I/I, Ellison* ' 
William ll^x-dy Krug* 

J, Arvid Winquist* 

Llarch 17, 1929 

Jec^iber _4 i_J. ? 27 

7indrew Lockie 
Jean Lockie 
Thomas Lockio 
Eriton Pomeroy 
Stophon Sabo 
Alfred Edward Schmidt 
Miriam Scrmayan 
Andrew II. Smith, Jr.* 
Martha V/eimer 

■ ■ -J 

Ife-rjorie V. Donegan 
Komia C* Donegan 
Alvin Howard Jensen* 
Arthur C. Peterson* 

Craig Titzel Sonft 
Dorothy Edna Smith 
•Hiram A. Tuttle, II* 

June 30, 1929 

Harvey P. Ayres 
Mrs. Harvey ,F. Ajrres 
Ilrs. Minnie D. Baigrie 
Benjamin F. Ellison, Sr. 
Mrs. B. F, Ellison, Sr. 

Bonjarain F. Ellison, Jr. 

Roland Hughes 

lies. Roland Hughes 

Emma Leonard 

Mrs. George M. Leonard* 

June 50, 1929 (contd,) Us) 
Jennie Leonard* Lendal W. Pomeroy 

Mary llowbray lire* John Schunsberg. 

October 27, 1929 
Frank Thomas Benson* Airs • Clair A. Llorrow 
Mrs. Prank T. Benson* Florence Schunsberg 

Helen Solomon 
January 26, 1950 ... 

Mrs« C, A. Nottage Edward Atkinson Pomeroy 
Bernard Francis Smith 

April 13, 1950 
Marion Welly Barth Joseph Gocze 
Robert Crawford Benjamin llrs# Dorothea H, Lauder 
Mrs, B» C, Benjamin Mrso. Charles Longs treet 
Mrs. Jennie D. Bernard Mrs. Susan Crede Osborne 
Zatherine Bernard , Theresa Margaret Peterson 
Conrad Charles Crede Fred Henry V/eimer 
Claire Roberta DenBleyker George Weimer, Jr. 
Elizabeth G. Gocze* . ' Lillian Vivian Weimer 

September 28, 1950 
Christian Bishoff llrs* Daniel DenBleyker 
Mrs. Christian Bishoff Ivirs. Sarah Gregory Lomax 
Frank Joseph Brecka* Mrs. Bertha I.I. irichalo 
iv^s. Frank Brecka* V/illiam, Alien Thurston 
William Walter Weimer 

Aprj.1 5, 1951 
Ivan Leonard Anderson IvIrsa-.;Taltcr Hicinbothem 
John Richard Anderson* llrsr Jiildi'od \7ood Jensen* 
Audrey I-iarion Bird* - John Bi Labat* 
Mary K. Detweiler Mirsv. J« B, Labat 

Paul V. Detweiler ■ "l/lary Elizabeth LaBat*.' 
William H. Detweiler*. Ifrs.. Robert I. MaoBride 
i^Irs. William H. Detweiler* Chester Arthur Nottsrge. 
Mrs. Edward Grode* Itrg. Frederick Sheppafd 
Gertrude Anna Grode Margaret Solomon 
Walter Hicinbothem I.5rs. ifergaret IT. ^-Vheelock 

July, 19 51 
Richard V/illiam Siessel* Ruth i:&;rie Siessel* 

Januaiy 51, 1952 
John W. Baigrie Mrs. Lc^gn C. Ramborg 

Charles H. Longstreat Leon Charles Ramberg 

(14) liarch 24, 1952 

Winona Carroll Benjamin Virginia Manaker 

Clarence Leonard* Charles J, Mezera* 

Ivfetrch 25, 1952 

Thomas Robert DenBleyker Joseph Shaffer* 

Edward Michael Gocze Susan Shaffer* 

June 25, 1952 

Mrs. Lee ])• Belden Ivirs. Martha Schorling , 

Mrs. James R. Weimer 

June 25, 1952 

Leon Ramberg 

October 7, 1952 

Marion Elizabeth Leonard* John V/. Wilkinson 

October 9, 1952 

Johnson Hagood Ella Wilkinson 

Ivors. Johnson Hagood liirs. John J. Wilkinson 

January 4, 1955 

LiGrwin Frederick Jones Mrs. Merwin F. Jones 

March 29, 1955 

Anna, riiio Ann I/Iarie Gardner* 

JuUu Gilo Caroline R. Gardner 

Mary Jilo Joseph F. Perry* 

Lli'.-.) Gilo Lester E. IVeiler 

lUrs* Lester B. Vfeiler 

April 7, 1955 

Gecrje H. Acton Mrs. Lewis H. Acton 

LeT:'i3 H^ Acton Mrs. V/ilhelmina Smith 

April 9, 1955 

Ralph W. V/hcGler 

June 25, 1955 

Roy Hancock I.iTs. Roy Hancock 

January 12, 1954 

Mtb^ Florence Azud Lirs. Catherine S. Herbert 

Edward H. Herbert Burton Seward* 

Itrs. Burton Seward* 

January 14, 1954 

Francis DeRuytor Riack Mrs. Francis D. Riack 

March 18, 1954 

Mrs. L. C. Perier* 

Iferch 25, 1954 

Jfilliam Baker, Sr.*^ E^^^t* ^pS!S5S?S>, 
Mrs. C Baker, Sr.* Mrs. H. L. Greenhalgh 

March 25, 1954 - (contd.) . ( 15 ) 

S» N» Greenhalgh I^s. S. N. Greenhal^ 

Joseph James Lomaz 

March 30, 1934 
W, J» Deiman Andrew Palculich 

Mrs. W, J. Denman John Pintak, Jr. 

April 1, 1954 
H. J. Baker Tiiomas A. G-ocze 

Mrs. H. J. Baker Burnett Leonard* 

Inga Caroline Behreng Florence Leonard* 

Thomas Benson Ruth Leonard* 

Wilfred Benson* Gertrude Dorothy Nier 

Louise Bergmueller* Kenneth Peterson* 

Margaret Bergmueller* Halph Peterson* 

Melva Clayton Frances Kaiuharg 

Alexander Czilo Lucille Hi«:aberg 

George Czilo Matilda Riissell* 

John Toth 

Sept. 26, 1934 
Dorothy Edith Eoihwell 

Jan. 4, 1955 
August Kaufman n Mrs* August Kauftoann 

llaxch 24, 1955 
Evelyn Kaufmann Iifrs. E. W, Wittnehert 

B. W. Wittnehert Whitford N. Wittnehert* 

llar ch 51, 1955 
Edward Michael Gooze Elizabeth Geraldine Gocze* 

Decc 29, 1955 
William E. Gery* Mrs. William E, Gery* 

March 29, 1956 
Ruth E, Gery* Mrs. Malvina Oc Joy 

Edward Grode Dorothy E^ I^jiagargal 

Joseph Heath Joy, Jr. Irene Pinkocze* 

Octobe r 4, 1956 
William H, Johnson* I^So Vfcio H. Johnson* 

Deco 26, 1957 
Mrs» Josephine H^, Browex' Joyce Jolin^on* 
Mrs. Morris Danley* Olive Jchn^on* 

Sara EliaabatL Denloy* G^-^or^^z ihafisr* 

Mai-uh 1 £, 19 56 
Edwin Dea " "lir^jc Ed'.;!" Doa 

(15) A pril 10, 1958 

K-'r.uc-, Af^hmore* l?ttn. McwcBr?lde Clelland 
Dcria A* I^ietrich* Constance P. Pratt 
Dc-.'is I':, 'J'cvriras* Edna MP-y P.ogers 

Hvvlciy^ i.i> lloxgesan^. ' Gloria Kaomi Smith 
Ar./.;artn G. Herman .. Grace Carolyn Soloman 
I/ii-3v Isabelle Clalland Mrso Joyce Godson Tuttle* 
Frank Suaphan Vigli* 

Aprj.l l'^_, 3956 
Nojm-an Aumach And:.^'^ M« &ii-oh, Jr.* 

Ocim Ashmore* Mrsc John Ashmore* 

Octobor 4g 1040 
John P. Ettershank, Sr^* L« Caiiin Krogh* 
MT^ir, Jo P. Ettershunfc, Sr»* Mr's. L. C» Krogh* 
Mi'3.. M.-x.go Ulelland }i\;llarbon Da Alhert Henderson 
Ml"s» Herhert Head, Sr. Ivlrsc Ae P. Moore* 

Octoher 6, IS .i'O 
Mrs. Eli sate vh Eenderson 

Leco 6, 1940 
Edward Chappel Mrs, John E* Glendenning* 

L'lra. Cai'oline Chappel Jean Leonard'" 
John £• Glendenning* Joseph Pinkooze* 
Mrs, Jo Wo Thompson* 

April 10 , 1941 
Howard Ashmore* Jose^.Ji McCl.ue* 

William Iriierj Jr:>* Mrso J. Mc Clue* 

Ga:.?:r'ct J;^a BleyKer, Jr.* John E=, Morgan* 
y^^-'., ^.:^::.•??c^t jVr.i B'loyker, Src* Mrsc J^ E* Morgan* 
itisa Lc--.t.ts B^.gelaifcn* Earl 1,'iiiliord 

Mrfj- K, lio^'^.c* ■ J/L:?So E*. Milford 

J-Ir^^o John m. Johnson** Gha'i^les Ivier* 

Gu3t6..'e Aooh, Sr** Doris Pr^lps 

Paul Rcch* Mrs* Aaron Pinkocze* 

Florence Tjoi^nlund 

Oct> b, 1941 ■' 
Mrs, Maiy Baker Lire.' Daniel MacArthur* 

Charlotte Cook Mrg^ j, e, Peterson* 

Mrs. Rohert Grimley Robc^rt Rieker 

Robert Grimley Mrs. John Syme* 

Mrs. Thomas Hill* Mary Syme* 

January 4, 1942 (17) 

Joseph Chipponeri* Sanmel Enott 

Mrs. Joseph Chipponeri* Utcso Samuel Knott 

, Mrs* Jacob Dietrich, Sr.* George ^. Schardien 
■ Rubin Greco* 
Mrs • John Kerekes* 

April 2, 1942 
John Beckley Mrs. George Mundy* 

June 21 » 1942 
Mrs* Anna Barton ^frs. Kalman tfe-d^esy, 

Nevin R. Bierly Richard It'S^^* 

Mrs. N. H. Bier ly I&s,. P-ichax-d ly^-ej-s* 

Mrs* C-> A« Galloway Geraldi^ie Perry* 

Mrs* ^. A, Gj-'ahr^i* IVIrs, Jo soph Pony* 

Gust ave, Koch, Ore* Robert A. Perry* 

Mrs. Alex McDermott* Mrs, L. Ziesenisa* 

Jane Mb.ore* {meiiibor uefoi-ts this; error in records) 

Spencer F. Green* Mrs. S. F. Green* 

Qcto 15, m2 * ' 

Betty Gilo * "* 

Winter of' 1942-43 likely (error) 
Andrew Shaffer* ' 'bt ^"pheT:" sFaf fer* 

Feb. ?:&: .i54S 
Elmer Edmond Hobbs'--- Andrew I* Peterson* 

ISaTj LouisG Monocn* ' ' Janet Louise lour^* 
Rosser Lee Parker*^- 

Mrsc VTalter M^ Oook*"^ ."" Louise Soward* 
1/fe-rgaret Hotuhkls?* Mi'ti«> Gt^j-r^fo L<, "S.Oiitley* 

Mrs. Walter Parker* ;- ', , Hirs, Wili^.am Vi/hililey^ 

Jvjce 10, 194^ . ' , . . 

Mrs. H. S. Sewax-d ^- "l^ira. M, E. Syers' 

Se?1_^^^__?9^^9dv ;'■ ■ 

Charles Robert Ccl7afei~, Gloria Iviarie Sc-iafe:? ■ 

Mr^rc.'} J>^j}''^ * 

Marjorie Rose Be 13^*'"" '" Jc 3epVx !^ponc^^T Grrsri* 
Ben. Fo Den Bleykpr* ^ Holeii :^:i:y Ui^i^r 
Josexjh FaT'lra<5* Jac'i ^i -.•:::, T>ot>'-V*':f^lor^" 

Eobert J» Faxiu,-?* ^.c^j:.^. ^^ ...... .i,t. 


Ilr.^. TTilliam Heaton* 

Ifexch 26, 1944 


Mrs. C. R. Sieasel, Jr.* 
3, 1944 

J', I. Etter shank, Jr.* 
Lucy Elizabeth Hohbs* 
l&cs* Arnold Ijarson* 

Mrs. D. H. Payne 
l^roh 4, 1945 
Eohert Bonland Campbell* Gertrude Thergeson 

Gloria Mazurefc 
Doris Mae %ers* 
Donland H. Payne 

John P. Gardner, Jr.* 

Carl H. Britton* 
Mrs. 0. H. Britton* 

Jean Eleanor Austin 
Ethel Janet Cegledy* 
Joan Barbara Parkas* 
Martha Flockhart* 

Jeane Carol Thergeson 

March 29, 1945 

Daniel Howell* 
Mrs. Daniel HoTOll* 

Dec. 2, 1945 

Florence J. Gribble* 
Jewel Dolores Lott* 
Doris P. Prasser* 
Mrs. Margaret Turner* 
Judy Ann Zieseniss* 
Feb. 5, 1946 

Mrso Arthur Franklin* 
Mrs« E. "C. Hobbs* 

lirs. Theresa Prince 
^£rs. P. M. Strothers* 
Feb. 10, 1946 

Chester De Oast ill ia* 

Arthur Franklin* 

Mrs. C. De Castillia* 
(Likely before thi3;) 155.rch 12, 1946 
Mrso Rubin Greco* James Hudson 
Janice Harris* Marilyn Hudson 

Mrso Ba Hudson Mrs« Frank Mazzur* 

Adolph T. Rasmussen* 
April 14 . 1946 
Arthur J. Bietsch, SrT* "^ 
Mrs. A. J* Bietsch, Sr.* 


Mrs. David Davis* 
J. Raymond Gribble, 
Mrs. J. R. Gribble, Sr.* 
William Kissane* 
Mrs. William Kissane* 
Virginia Marhoffer* 

Frederick Lott* 
Mrs. Frederick Lott* 

waiter Mayer* 
Mrs» Walter Meyer* 
0. G. %er, M. D. 
Mrs* C. G. Ifyer 
Walter Strom 
Mrs. Walter Strom 
Mrs. Harold Varffless* 
Mrs. G. K. Young* 
April 18, 1946 

Harold Pitchell* 
Claramae Strom* 

CctoTjer 6, 1946 ^3^9 j 

Harold Handerhan* l^s. Milton Lagergseji 

Mrs, Harold Handerhan* George Sears* 
Milton Lagergren Mrs. George Sears* 

November 25, 1946 
Lois Rolle* Mrs. Stephen Vigh* 

Dec ember !;> 19 46 
Mrs. Frank Ac Ceaegy* Nancy Perry* 

Prank Carl Cenegy* Jane Zieseniss* 

January P. 5, 1947 
Mrs. Edward Eocio* Mrs* N, Plennert* 

Mrsr fSarali Tlirockmorton 
Fpbro 'Jir:^ £, 1947 
Nicu'jlt'..? Plsnnei^t* ' ' " 
March 50, 1947 
John Mason*^ ' William 0. Franklin* 

A pril 5, 1947 
J. K. Blumer* Mrs. Andrew Hunter* 

Mrs. J. K. Blumer* ■ ' Clarence J^aison''' 

Andrew Hunter* Mrs. Clarenge Jamison^*- 

May 25, 1947 

LIrzs Andrew Jacob* 
Sept o 26 , 1947 
Robert S. Gap.sawcy* Joseph M« Bhodeg* " 

Mrs. R* S, Gaa3a.v»ay* Mrsc J*,. E.- iinodes* 

Fraiiod-3 Ai'thra' Herman* Kenneth Z. Tafigai't .*' 
Mrs. F* A, Herman* Jlra. K. Z« Tagg^irt* ' 

Mrs» Philip) Prajisor, Sr,* 

:H3rl3'^::ri. J^tephen* 
:ch 24, 1948 

Frederick Becklfty"^ Herbert Ear^sen* 

Mrs. Frederick ^ckley* i,irs. Heibe^t Hansen* 
Charles Brown "^ -' Stephen Xo.iit 

Mrs. Charles Brf)wn* Edjird toiic'* 

Mrs. Adrian H.'-DuYoun^* Howard KraL^er**' 
Jacob Dietrich," Jro* Mrs- KoTrt^.ri Fr^v.^'-* 

Mrs. Jar^cb Dietri-^h, Jr-»* jra-jits Kru^o^ieP' ' ' 
William ioilko:.!. jccii Dfr?' Ja'CH* Ttr^j'^'^"*"'-''^^' 

Mrs. V/ii.liaiji Falkenstern* t::-.;^:-!.:^ ;V.a::jca''' 
Willicm FroiiHi-Btf .c-*^ iSd Tja^ip^'V!! 1^-V7e ; 1 

Mrs. Walter H«n^y Goo a'*' ivk-3^ Oc^vl N:a4c-* 

Lo;::£.ld Nier* 
Hr^. James O'Brien* 
Jv;hn B. "Oliver* 
liro# W« L. .Petersen, 

March 24, '1948 - contd. 



W3m James Pet row* 

Harold L* Baxr* 
lira* H. L. Barr* 
N-Jiunan H« Barr* 
Mrse Richard Birmeli* 
Yi-^tor Christ offer son* 
Mi'3# V, Christofferson* 
M-.-s o William T. Clark* 
P-alph Boll* 
Vivindei Doll* 
Mrs. Wendel Doll* 

Mrs. Arthur Peterson* 

Mrs. Walter Rose^rock* 

Lois Snowfield* 
* 6, H. Weferling* 

Mrs. 0. H. Weferling* 

George Henry Hunt* 

Kenneth C. Hunt* 

Mrs. K. 0. Hunt* 

Mrs. P. A. Leidner, Sr«* 

Anton Novak* 

Mrs. Anton Novak* 

June Novak* 

Andrew W. Peterson* 

Mr3» A. W. Peterson* 

Mrs 9 R. J. Snowfield* 

'M'C3» Thomas Lane^ 
-^a.Tl3 S. Oakley* 
"irsft L. S. Oakley 
■"'.dney A. Pinkham, Jr.* 
irra. S. A. Pinkham, Jr** 

Urs. J. A. Tokoly* 
October 3, 19:.8 

"^ohert E. Rogers* 
Charles Seimayan, Jr.* 
Harold VahKess* 
Mrs. Clarence Weygand* 
Geoj'ge K. Young* 

Fehruary 6, 1949 

Tlicxnas H. Be the a* 
Avtrsr a?. H. Bet he a* 
r^.o.r«.es R» Harris* 
llifi.- 3. H. Harris* 
iir Ac. ICayser, Sr.* 

April 12, 

Mp3o G. a. Kayser, Sr.* 
Carl B. Ruesch* 
Mrs. Carl E. Ruesch* 
Mrs. C. Schrettner* 
Mrs. Joseph Ziemba* 

Helen L, Bietsch* 
AnnR-belie A. Oullen* 
Herbert Head, Sr.* 
Mrs. Christian Jongbluth* 
Nancy Palmer* 
Carol Petz* 
Russell F. Schaal* 
Mrs. R. P. Schaal* 

John B. Schork* 
Mrs. John S. Schork* 
Mrs. Dale W. Scott* 
Ramona C. St oil* 
Reinhart Thorsen* ' 
Mrs. Reinhart Thorsen* 
Charles A. Vi^i* 
Jack Warren* 

Barbara E. Weferling* 
June 5. 1949 - Mrs. Paul Knios, Sr.* 
nov. ^5, 1^^ - Mrs. W. W» Waiman* 

March 14, X96Q (21) 

John T. Anderson* Florence BvLeidner* 

Mrs. J* T. Anderson* Richard Pearson Mazzur* 

Barbara Bierly Henrietta Inferring* 

Beverly Davis* Robert Ernest Nier* 

Dolores B. DeYoimg* Charlotte Schafer* 

March 28, 1950 
Leo Bamaby* John Hill* 

Larry Ray Bush* , Julius Anton Ruber* 

Reba Cullen* a -llrse C\ Ao H-c"ber* 

Joan I# Decker* Cha.rles ¥c F.ayner'* 

John M. Fetsko, Jr.* Go Ac FavT'-r, J?:-o* 

Patricia Fox* Georgs J« !^ul"urf* 

Win. Guy Graham* .y- L.??n£'*' 

Harold Duane Hanson*^^r-1; Hlo^ita* 

George Gassawa^>* 

April 1, 1Q^;0 
Adrian John De Young* L(Lsc JcsepL. ?., Clah 

Raymond J, Gribble, Jr.* Frank. Mc Jr:u;V:i^'S'^ 
Robert G, Kayser* 

April 2, XV^ SO - Wiiliam 0?ln.3dale, Jr^'^ 

Gustave Albert Lsid£i-.''^ " j*D;\t:*U^3 T, Sc'^a-rd* 

May 9» 1.9 oO 
Mrs. Chester datre"* " Mrs* Arthur Vef.end* 
Elsie Syme* 

¥ey gl. 1^50 
David R. CQinpl:;^!^^" ' Mr*?-. D.- Re C:ji:pbel2* 

Hugh MacKenzis*'' Iv!rr-« Joi^eyh Scott* 

Mrs. Hugh llaGli^nzle* ' . ovha TiyaK;:''' 

Jiiiy 9, Ij^gg 
Edward W. Gibvfcfn'^'"'^" \ Ernevfc T'otb* 
Mrs. E. 117. Gi^fjun" - ' M?3^ ^:'nc^:i-: -UJoth* 

A_ii^:;!st^6_j Jlf/r^v- 
Mrs. Henry rt^"!"^:"/-^' ' 'Ivfrt., L, Fr. 'EcmrS^- 
Edward F* Houses'- j^bn 0'. I'oth'' 

-~M:'S..- Jrihr-Tj ^Cl^oth*" 

Mrs. Arthur Pc .'li-vy er"'' CAs.r!?r; H- '?ic:fi,:'ird'*:"*' 

Mrs- \lm» Lcu-^-.TeJii"*" 'Mis* Oc He £: ■a.X'i.i-:.r.''"- 

(22) October 10, 1950 . : 

Arnold H. Jensen* Mrs. A. H. Jensen* 

Oct. 15, 1950 - Arthur R. Bryer* 
Dece 3, 19 5P 
William C. Falkenstern* Melvin H, Pullington* 
Mrs. M. H. Fullington* 
Jan, g, 1951 . , ,. , ; 
Alida Alexandra Wailc-cs^ Mrs. "E"^ A, Wallace* 
Wilson C. Wallace* 
F e^c 4, 1951 
Daniel H. BurdesLaT;* James G. Franklin* 

Howard H. Heyder* 
MP,rch 11, 3951 
Barbarg. Becker* Oaroljm Khapp* 

Carol Bierly Florence Enapp* 

Mr^. Do Hi Burdeshaw* LavLca Lane* 

Donald DcLBleyker* A. Wayne Paffrath* 

Cora IMy Gisin* Philip 0- Pzasser, Jr*-* 

Bai'l:^ra*HcwGll* Erna YaiiClefu* 

Donald He Jacob i* Shirley Ec Waasel* 

Ivfe,.-? . ?.Zr 1 951 - Alvema Ann Ki-ogh* 
|fer/J.a^j)51 - Deloris C* Buah* 

^-il-.:^ii. J 'i?-^ " Mrs. Gerald Bush* 
Juno g, 1951. - Jay Hoffiaan* 
O cb. 7, 1951 
Grace Campbeir* Peggy Limmeroth* 

Mrso PetGi' Clocuzza* Frank Zoltan Vargo* 

Mrs. Lloyd Hopkins 

K'O-^e 15 f 1951 
Wilbert F. Paffrath* Iv53?s. W. F. Paffrath* 

Deco 2j 1951 

E. F. Blausey, -JT^i*^ Henry B. Moe* 
Mrs. E. F. Blausey, Vr.* M. P. Ostergaard, II* 
Carl W, Haacker* Mrs. Dominic Pisicoli* 

Mrs. C. W. Haacker* 

Jan. 6, 1952 
Albert Aymer* Mrs. Henry B. Moe* 

Mrs. Albert Aymer* 

Feb. g, 1952 
Mrs. Burnett Leonard* Mrs. Kalman Madgyesy* 
Charlotte Aileen Lund* Wm. Henry Morgan* 

(23) Feb. 5, 1952 - contd. 

Mrs.'Ufci. H. Morgan* Mrs. Vfci. S. Morgan* 

William S, Morgan* Mrs. F. P. O'Connor* 

Feb> 26, 1952 - Mrs, Stephen Krupey* 
Mar. 11, 1952 
Martin DenBleyker, Jr.* Helen King* 
Sirs.. M» DenBleyker, Jr.* Mrs. John King* 

Mar. 25, 1952 - Mrs. Gerald DeWorth* 
Mar. 50, 1952 
Elmer A. Deak* Mrs. Elmer A. Deak* 

Joyce Eileen Avery* 
Graham F. Bards ley* 
Norman Howard Berry* 
Robert \fei. Boland* 
Carroll E. Britton* 
Hobert Arthur Bryer* 
Foster Alvin Burke, Jr.* 
l&iriel Anne Burke* 
Hobert J. Carstens* 
Luis Ouevas* 
Gerald T/fo. HeWorth* 
Robert James Gasaaway* 
V7alter Richard Goos* 
Francis Allen Herman* 
Robert Campbell Hill* 
Arlene Marie Hunt* 
Robert Andrew Hunter* 
Maiy Jo Kosic* 
Robert Carl in Srogh* 
William Hardy Krug, Jr.* 
John MacArthur* 
Charles Ellison Mezera* 
John J. Morris, Jr.* 

April 5,. 1952 
Edward F. Parker, Jr.* 

April 10, 1952 

Sylvia Marie Mrnzel* 
Walter L. Petersen, Jr.* 
James Potts, Jr.* 
Mary Marie Potts* 
Stephen Prasser* 
Winifred Ida Rolle* 
Raymond W. Scheuermann* 
Randolph B. Schiller* 
Margaret Ann Siejanann* 
Robert George Siepmann* 
Anna Smith* 
John Charles Smith* 
Peter Swis stack* 
Alberta Barbara Tokoly* 
Lily Turner* 
Suzanne Maria Turner* 
Hiram A. Tuttle, III* 
Mary Catharine Warman* 
Itorothy Lois Weferling* 
Patricia June Whitley* 
Earen Ann Winquist* 
Paul Wolf* 
Evelyn V/omelsdorf* 

John , Erne s t Tempo r ad o * 

Mrs. H. E. Druraciond, Jr.*" 

Howard E. Drummond, Jr.* 

June 1, 1952 - Mrs. John Robert Clark* 
. June 8 , 1952 

Virginia Raye King* 

John Henry Baker* 
Mrs. J. H. Baker* 



;<*gGJTS" of the Ch-urch. ( P . 24 ) 

I.'lThe' Eev. Chris trdT n Bisohof f ^ onco cji older hero, 
v/aL' Oi'dLilncd a Prcsu^ijeriaii minister on July 1, 
19'oA.-t, I^GQT sorving in tho ministry he died on 
. Jcui'ur.ry 13, 1946 c.t Ner;ark« Fred Bisohof f, "bo- 
lie yed to "be hia son, is c Preohyijorian minister 
at Stor/artsville, N. J. in 195£, 

^' j^'.^yl-,^ r^-.^CTJo, son of the "builder of the nvinso, 
stuuied ror the ministry, graduiting from Princeton 
Seminary in 1938 but uas not ordaiiied as far, as r;o 

5^ ^John^P* Ettershank^^Jr*, is a candidate for the 
mJjii'tftrryT^'bing approved hy the Prc£'b;v>tory of 
Eliaaooth LoCe <i7, 1950, In 1952 ho cjomploxod . 
his co11g,2'g proparation at Park. He plans to 
Btuiy at l/bCormick Somin:u:y/ Ohio ago. 

4* Pran^'^M, "Vigh is a oandidato fox- thfj minis'ory 
tie m/ appro 7Gcl "by the PrcG"b;^i;6:'y of SXicr."bQth on 
3X>Ct 2V, 1^50 o' In 19523 ho graduated fi-oiii Ijjaryviilo 
CollGge# His fjominary training iu to "bo at Western 
i;e::iiiiar:''s Pittsburgli, 

£a?TlC2£vI31T - In V/orld" War tl there wcrO 84 rnem"bor3' ' 
anfl fr lends of the church in the armed forcoHj -tlio 
nam'.£ l^eirog on four framed sorvio'j roll He 2^,70 of 
them, Georfe'o U. Parker and John Cilo diode 2)hc }Sqv« 
jD* Ao Gallo^/fiy was a Chaplain in the U* S. 1T» B-, 
Jilon-i a-ido'iion arc away on account of the i5;>roan uar 

BOARa/of OrBiTSl'sig PffGSIDMTS and l\H3r.c3[rH3a3 .~«2e-»£2 

uc lilt ^iXJiXv ■ Su*'~<^^^ 

Ca SiojKsoi; .5r. 1935 

B. Pc Scuard «35-42 

Joiin E, .Mpxgan •43-44 

P-» 0. Prassor, St. •44-46 

fiichard J^era . 1947 

A. Basmusson > 1948 

W. Fallcenstern 1949 

Stephen Shaffer »50-51 

Mrs. S. Vigh . 1952 

j_ • . ■ Spjjod 

J e' J^ il-negan -.1^20 
Herbert. F. Ayros 1930 

II, F. Jones 
Fred. Bocklcy 
\7hi, Sp Gory , 
'A, |?asinu3son 
\7. Fv*^ken3tcrn 
Ed. Kosic IX)C. 



Eegiater of ^ferriages 


1950 - Sept. 29 Harry Green & Mary Mowtray 

■ Oct. 24 William Gordon & Josephine Green 

( We odls ridge) 

• Aug. 6 Edward Osmer &■ Sadie Bromi 

{\7oo abridge ) 

1933 - June 3 VYalter Stunner & Elizabeth Matnews 

1954 - July 5 Albert Hughes & Mary l/Vitkowsky 

1^55 - May 3 Donald Rose & Blanche Miller 

June 22 Hiram Tuttle & Joyce GodHon 

June 29 David Davis Sc Vivian Hancock 

Aug. 3 Charles Mezera « Dorothy 'Eiiison (T\Ianse) 

Oct. 6 Adolph Rasraussen & He] en Tuttle 

1956 - June 20 Andrew Smith, Jr. & Audrey Bird. 

Aug. 1 Hugo Ferdinand Sneed-Vi(S; llarion Hancock 

Nov. 14 Oswald Chambers oc Marion Baigrie 

1957 - Apr. 2 \/illian Clelland & Isabella Lies s 

May 9 Frederick Sharps & Anne Rasiaussen 

June 19 Kenneth McCain & Mary Richards . 

Aug. 24 John Hehn k Alice Magargal - 

1958 - Jan. 29 Willi am Huston & Ruth Parks 

May 21 Jean Ruviella & Marion Post 

July 30 Andrew Peterson & Mary Flesko 

1939 - March 4 Prank Kropoth 8i Inga Behrens 

Apr. 15 Frederick Heath & Jean Do Yoking- 

May 21 Robert Brien^ Jr. & Evelyn 

■ July 2 Rubin Greco o: DoT^othy Head 

July 31 Mihraru Emirkan &: Siror.p-; Ganjoran 

Aug. 26 Norman Lindstrom & H: ien i\fel.-.on 

(E.' A. V/aila^e) 

1940 - Apr. 6 Earl Smith & Marion Leonard 

(S. H, Devanny) 
( ^ug, 3 Clifford Corey d Frances Hill 

(J. L. Ewalt) 
Sept*7 Percy McAvoy & Florence Pinkham 

(W. G, Felmeth) 
Oct» 20 Walter Smith & Muriel Johnson 

(H, L» ?enton, Jr. - Head home) 
Nov. 9 John R. Anderson & Irene Kuhar 

(C. I. Heilstrom) 
Nov. 21 Jillian Gerak & Susan Shaffer 

(Theodore Erntgannky) 

1942 - July 18 Henry Hicks & Ethel Conger (Manse) 

July 19 Arthur Anderson & Margaret Craney 

Nov. 7 Jack '.Yarren & Ruth Gery 

Dec, 31 Frank Kuhar & Dorothy Himmelreich 

1943 - Feb. 21 John Szaho, Jr. & Arline F. Rothen 

(Manse ) 

1944 - June 7 V/illiam John Beardsley,Jr. & 

Constance Marie McManus (V/. K. McKinney) 

1945 - Jan, 6 Harold John Craft ^s Helen Volk 

(W» E, McKinney) 

1946 - Jan. 6 ViTalter Cook & Gloria Gardner 

March 2 Robert Storr & Dorothy Davis 

(Pit. infield) 
March 29 Arby Doyle & Mary Tripo.lites 
Apr. 13 l/alter Habich Si Helen Hofgesang 
June 15 iilliam Harned, Jr. Se Jean Leonard 
June 26 Kenneth Smith w Jearjia Roberts 
June 29 Paul Semak ca Dorothy Conger 
July 3 Nicholas Toft, III & Anna V/eston 
July 14 Charles A, Petersen & Mary Lou Monson 
Aug. 10 Janes Dunn & Gladys Gaelon (Rahway) 
Sept. 14 Michael Dunyak & Marjorie Merrison 
Oct. 12 Kamel Katen, Jr. & Ruth Peterson 
Nov. 2 Harold Pitchell & Olive Johnson 
Nov. 9 Robert Hoagland & Doris Lyman 

Dec. 10 Nils G, Peterson & Margaret Turner 


- Jan. 7 

March 16 

March 29 

Apr, 19 

May 25 

June 14 

June 21 

July 20 

Sept, 6 

Nov. 22 

Dec. 19 


- Feb. 21 

Llarch 21 

Apr. 3 

Aug. 19 

Sept. 11 

Sept. 11 


- Jan. 14 

Apr. 24 

May 28 

Sept. 3 


- Jan. 1 

Jan. 1& 

Apr. 22 

Sept. 2 

Sept. 9 

Sept. 9 

Nov. 4 

Dec. 16 


- Jan. 27 

Feb. 3 

Feb. 17 

Feb. 24 

iferch 17 

Apr. 14 

Richard Norley & Irene Peapros (27) 
Signiund Llilusyenki & Geraldine Tettermer 
Howard Reyder & Norma Ashmore 
John B^ttersby & Ruth Speece 
Howard Ely & Edna Cook 
Michael Archdeacon & Mary Syme 
V/illiam Snyder & Florence Leonard 
Charles Schafer & Anna Forte 
John Burns & Jean Hotchkiss 
./endell Doll & LaVerne C. Birmeli 
Leslie V/ilbur & Mabel A. Johnson 

Michael Toth> Jr. & Virginia Murphy 
Alfred LaDoo & Marie Pellet ier 
Rudolph l7dovichik & Edna Knapp 
Edward O'Brien & Elizabeth Zupko 
Frank Ho wart h & Bertha Darvas Dietrich 
John Conrad & Vera Nelson 

Lincoln Derick & Elinor Hancock 
i>mold Jensen & Eve Glester 
John Raison & Julia Monson 
John Borys & Louise Seward 

Ernest Toth & Edna Trevena 

John Gardner, Jr. & Mary Lee Gregory 

John Oliver & Joyce Johnson 

John Jakob ia Ruth Lois Rolle 

Arthur Dc liber, Jr. & Geraldine Hatch 

(llanse ) 
Leonard Cook & Doris layers 
Frank Waskewich & Elsie Syme 
Robert Snowfield & Margaret Fedor 

Christian Miller & Jeaii Thergesen 
Henry I{napp & Joan Mahoney (Manse) 
Adolf Bergmueller & Lucy Ilobbs 
Frank Spano & Helen Wdovichik 
Y/illiani Tinsdaie^ Jr. a Dai'lei.e Iovvc_e 
Norman Barr & Nicholotta C-ipoJlotti 

(I Ian?:; 9 ) 

1951 (contd.) (p,28) 

- ApPc 28 John Baker & Margaret Wooden 

May 12 Bert Kohler & Ramona Stoll 

Aug. 18 John A. Rosenmeier (SeMarjorie Bell 

Aug. 25 Alfred Merritt & Shirley Barceline 

Augc 26 Andrew Palamar & Dorothy Walent 

Nov. 17 Robert Perry & Peggy Limmeroth- 

Dec. 23 Gilford Bothwell & Ji Dolores Lott 


^^Tairmon, Jolin P. Etterahc.nk, Sr. Vioo Cthair- 
mon , Joiiii B, Labat • • SQcretary i l;Irs • Wm. T . • Clark. 
Fina ncial Seo retcry , Ifcs. E. <x. Perier. Troa surer , 
John 3rT?."rjc.''r. 

Planning Commit too - Bay Gribhlo, Sr., Ghr.; 
}>Irs~; '.^'o BecEloyj Sec; Ilro. E» 0. Hobhfl, Jk P. 
Etoo rshcnic, Sr^, \^. Frommator, John B. Labat, 
G. L^ VGnabico and K, Taggart, 

Si}HE5lJ^"?iii2: '*^'''^« ^» Gary, CSir.j Betty LaBat, 
Sggc.^ lviis'fc\7m, 5. Clark, Itoa. \itoe H. Johnaon, A. 
Basmiisaonx and 0. H, \Toferl3i:ig. 

g'i^iaiiCG^^iyijIaoi?^t; - Goorgo A. ISi^sor, Sri, CJir.; 
Lira. 07'¥iGrn L^jT H. G. Pcrior, C, H. Janiaon, R. 
%Gro, Prank C. Vigh, and tsTilliam Falkonstorn (who 
v/aa Gan^ral CSfiairman boforo IiEl-o Ettorahank but ro- 
oign.ed duo to hio bijiainosa pressaurolc 

Mtls Ec ^h Poriai' prepared a briof history of 

the 5!4Ji'r,^.2il.*^Fi*''''-'*^£ ^^^ ^"'•'^ woj'k from 1944 - 
1950 which v/arj mlmoographGd on tiaroG ahoota and 
diatributod in 1950. (Copy in liiatorical file) 

LOANS ~ ThQ Board of National Hiaaiong . 1950 

1. Loan X- 013,000. Q 4:% inT., '^^650.00 payable 

semi-annually from July 1, 1951 to 1960. 

2. Loan A - $5,000. © 4^ int., ^250. 00 payable 

semi-annually from 1955 to 1964. 

3* Bond and Mortgage, $10^000. - no interest. 

4^ Bond and Mortgage, $12^000, - no interoot. 

ThQ i>22, 000 grant mortgages have 13 covononts, 

are renouablo every five years and are payable 
xjhen poaaiblo. '' 


Ordinati on ard Inntallaoion of Cl&ir L^-^ Morrou 
First Prosbytoricm CTaiirch, "ir'/encl, Jiino 20, 1930 
at 8:30 p, m,, Tho Edvc V/, i)« Lraos, Ilodorator of 
Prestytory Pro siding.^ and Constitutional Qiicntions* 
Processional - "Holy,- Holy, Holy." Invocation 
and Ca.oria, Scripture and Sormon - Tho Rovo Jtuiios 
¥• Laurie, Rahway £d diiirch, Anthom ~ "'Bao Hoavons 
Doclaro tlie Gloiy of God." - Cliotr. Prayer, Tho ucy. 
Pot or F« ifell, Garwood. "'BiG Gaui^clrs One Fomidaticn,** 
Charge to Pastor - Dr. 0. M<, Davis, RfJiv/ay* Glarge to,, 
the Ooiigrcgation - Tlie Rev. VAie'M* l^'clmiis, Ew^ctx- 
sunna. "liiGro cross the crowded ways of liio»" 'fho 
now minister pronounced the 'bonodiction. 

Installat io n of The Bqvo RoTj ort I> MaG3?;5>Io, Ki>- P.. 
Friday, Jan, 16^ 19ol:, SsOb p. m^ 1'n.o L:i„-« \\ D." 
Amos, Pfos'bytery Moderator again took part..-. 

Do xo logy. Invocation. %inu 196 ^ S.Tr4]..'t;u;c- 
Anthom - "0 Lord Our Governor." - Killsidvj ioreajys 
Cliurch, Allen HolDcrtS; Dir. and Milton £bch; or';anist* 
Sermon - The Rev. W, G, Fo3j7iGth* 'Jaoigu -ic Pastor, 
*Kie Rev. J. L. Swing. Prayer, The kgy* '£>> Abbott. 
"Come Labor on." Bcnediotion by J}o^ MaoBrido. 

-Installation of The Rov. Chester A^ Jii^^^JJi^' • 

Sunday, Iilay 24, 194^, 4^00,' EiG liOYr^. W Ai'tloy 
presided, being Vico-Modoratcr » 

. . "Our God, OUi? Help." In-/G nation, Th.o Rcv<. Do E* 
Lorentz, Carteret. Old Testament - J>i-„ Jo L, 37;iiig« 
Organ - "Eroak Thou the Bread". No'-t Testament - .DiCc. 
H. K. England, Rosollo. Gloriac PxayGr, T.'ic ItOYo H, 
L. Fonton, Jr., Plainfioldi. Anthem "Onward, Hoar tiio 
Trumpets Call" by three churola dioirc, Sorr.Dn, Dvo E» 
H. Roberts, Princeton,. Choi'ge to tlie Pastor; Th^:. ILy* 
David 17, Bailor, Faiiwood. ' Giargo to the Ccn:;?G^'"at ion. 
Dr. C. M, D:xvis, RaliTjayc llr. Gallo jay, Sonedi c!: ion^ 

Dec^ 7,'"lt!49";. "SgOO^^" v£3o^^f?bd^H/"aV" Loiiilja^r probidoO.. 
Drc McIXmay, G. H.^. 5>rv.I\,- E. H^ Dr;vai\^'-, D7?« Co Fr:'.t:-3ch, 
Dr^ IbigJLc'uidjr Co Gallov/aj', c.nii i/u I-i-vlii had a pa.=to 
(i^eii ho^tOA'ical i L,g iux pi"Og:;?fin«; 

(30) Some DONATIONS and IffiMORIALS Since 1929 

Most of the land — The Clark Family 

"Camnianion cabinet — - Harvey kyres 

Board on front of church — Harvey Ayreg; lettering 

by Mr, Leonard. 
Comiaunion cupholders — B# P. Ellison, Sr. in honor 

of his wife. 
50 Bibles — Gideon Bible Society, Apr. 18, 1938. 
24 Bibles — Falkenatems, Lotts & G. Kufus 
Carpeting for original church sanctuary - Miss 
' Florence Schunsberg in memory of her mother; 1941. 

Also more carpeting in enlarged sanctuary. 
Hymnals (new edition) - members of congregation, 1941 
20 Jr. Choir robes - Ladies Aid. lirs. C. Siessel and 
'^Mrs. C. Krogh made the gowns. 1942. 
Yl P. Choir robes - §49.40 from Aid, bazaar, freewill 
.offerings and Jr. Hi and Sr. Hi, and the following! 
.l!r. & Mrs. H. Head, Sr., Helen Kunie, Mary Lou 

Monson, Jane Llporo, Charles Wier, and I\&'. &.Mrs. 

W2,lter Smith, and Mary Syme. 1942. (Used Dec. »41) 
2 offering plates — Itp. & I^Irs. Grimloy and Mrs. 

Ifelter iv^ench, in memory of Charlotte Cook. 1942. 
2 more offering plates were provided by the Trustees 

after the church sanctuary wag enlarged. 
Corner church sign, made and painted by Yf. Gery. »42. 
Communion table cross — made by J. Lomax (about '42) 
Pi^lpit chairs & communion cover (^'Holy Holy Holy" - 

dedicated to those in service, I-lts. V/. H. Johnson, 

Chr.) — Ladies Aid. 
Pulpit Bible markers — Mr. & Mrs. G. Koch 
Choir robe cabinet, made by J. E. Glondonning. 
Cgmmunion table - Hillside Church people. 
Communion set — C. McKenzie.' 

Manse built at cost — §5,000 — J. W. Baigric. 1933. 
Baptismal font — Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Beckley in 

memory of John Francis Beckley - Apr. 2, 1944. 
Wurlitzer organ — Ladies' Aid Society in honor of 

Mrs. Wftn. B. Krug. 1947. 
Flag pole dedication - 1934. 

Financial aid from National Mas ions, "aa much as 
$2,000.00 per year when Dr. Mac Bride was pastor. 
Pulpit and railing - Elmora Presbyterian Church. 

Some DONATIONS and IJEI. miALS ._contd . (31) 

1949 Excavation for new building - Abrahoja J. Neiss, 

1950 Cornerstone - VYoorlbridgo Honiment Works. 
Sketch of the new church building - John Mc^illicm. 
1950 NoTT ualks to side entrances - Abraheja J» Noiss. 
Services of a lawyer - ^irthur Brovm. 

Cornerstone Laying Service program - Woodbridgo Inde- 

J^bmorial pews - P. & M. BccklGy, The Vfa. Falkonstem 
Family, Arthur B. Franklin &: Family, Herb3rt Head 
(in memory of his v^ife). ;&, H. & Eve Johuson (in 
memory of Dro & Ilrsc H. I, ]^l-cBride), George A. 
Kayser Family (in memory of Fred & Snma Fayse-) 
The Kosics and Idrs. J. Weygand, The Letts and Georgo 
Kufus {m memory of Gottlieb & Theresia TCafu-) 
krs. Frank E. McCormick (in memory of John Cl^^o. 
Brccka) The J. E. Peterson Family (in memory of 
John E. Peterson), Adoiph and Helen Easmussen and 

Shaffer, s;!) ^'^^^^''' ^^^ ^"^°^^ °^ ^^^^^ 
"^f^hdhr '"'" ''' ^----^ors and friends of 
Desk, filing cabinet, filing tray, bookcase and tele- 

phone^stand for the Study - Security Steel E.utat, 

"^L'! i^^ ^f ^^^^^^^" stained glass window - The 
Young Adults, in memory of John Prr^cis Beoklev 

Altar cover, pulpit cuid lectern scarfs and Bible 
markers in white - I^s. S. Vigh, ^^ 

L^nT' ^^°'*,^^'' ''^^ ^^"°^^^^ ^^°^ ^^00 Lumber Go 
Lr^p for l/urlitzer Organ - L^.rry Vonabler 

2 candlesticks and cross - llissiona-y Soc 
toerous other gifts of labor and r^m in co. 
nection with the now r^dl-M -^>^ ^J^i-^riai m con- 
T7ho been ment?onl1 • v^,t °'' '''^"'''^ individuals . 
' Second-hand pianos! "^ '"''^''^^ ^"^ ^>- ^°**-^--** 

ignta and bulbs, drains (J?E-Labat) end lUrSicice in^-b^ 

(~) 32) 

LADKS AID SOCIETY, K-eaidents,: Mrs. E. W, 

- Wit-cnelDert, lllrs. D. 3De Young, Mr» C. Brogh, ' 
Mjcs^ E. G. Perier, Mrs» R. Grimley, Mrs, Pred. 
Lott, Itos, 0. H, \ifeferling, Mrs, W. Falkenstem, 
i!rs, R. G, Perier, and Mrs. D, Davis, 
G?his organization 1ms "been a money-maker and 
has provided innumerable things for the church 
and the manse. Since the new "building was 
erected the new kitchen next to tlic auditorium 
has "been furnished with a sot of now equipment, 
an automatic hot water system and new dishes^. 
Becently a filter typo cleaner for the church . . 
was purchased. See also Donations, 

In 1934 the HEN'S BBDTHEIMDOD sponsored Troop 41. 
Boy Scouts of America. Before then there were 
t\'so other sponsors, the Avenel Progressive Group 
in 1923 ani a Group of Citizens in 1927. Idr, J. 
Joy was, the scoutmaster in 1934. By 1936 the 
Trustees were the sponsors. In 1952 the troop 
received its 25th charter . At tliat time G. A, 
Kscyser, Sr,» institutional representative for 
a numher of years, was succeeded "by Francis 
Arthur Herman, TiiG 1952 Troop Committee: C. 
Mesera, CSir,, Andrew Hunter, l!ichacl Petrin, 
and John Schork, Loaders; Lewis Oakley, Scout- 
master, Wilfred Benson, Asst, S. M. , and Vto, 
Carstens, Explorer Advisor, 

Otib Pack #141 was started in the church in lSiJ2 
with C, H. Jamison as Oobmaster. Den Mothers: 
Mrs. M. Maciag, Mrs, C. Schrettner, rjad Mcs, H, 
S, Gassaway who was replaced "by Mrs, Frank 
Heneghan, Oa'b Committee: Peter Stein, Chr., 
Peter J, Hondonicz, Frank Henegiian, 0. Hoinomon, 
and Andrew I. Peterson. SSponsorod "by Trustees. 

Girl Scouts , Troop 12, 1951-52 Loaders: Mrs. A, 
McDermott, Mrs, E, Kosic, Mrs. H, Schiller, and 
Mrs, F. A. Horman, The Aid Slponsors the troop. 

The first Vaoation Church School was in 1941. Ton 
years later 158 pupils cmd 33 staff members were 
In the school, with Mrs. H. "^anUoss as Directress, 

The CCmmmiTY " AVEI^L . (33) 

it is thct George Washin^on, Benjamin 
Franklin, Lafayette, and other famous people have 
TDeen in Avenel, Historic \7bod"brid^e and Eahway 
ore next door neiglabors. Avencl is in \7ood*bridgG 
township of l^Iiddlescx County, the county scat hoing 
at Now Brunswick ^ich is ahout ton miles away. 

In rGCont years tho oxplosion at South /jalDoy, 
tlio train wreck on tho Pannsylvania Eailroad (right 
after the shoro train had passed throi:!^ Avoncl 
and tho Woodhridgo station), the throe plane crashes 
at Bliaahcih, sovon miles away, end tho prison riot 
at tho noarhy farm in \7oodl2ridgG to\^^ip next to 
Eahwoy have advertised tlio area surrounding Avcnol* 
Highways 1, 9 and 25 cut right 1h rough Avoncl • ©lo 
main lino of the ?. H, R, is ahout ti.70 miles away 
going from Bahway tlirovigli Colonia to Motuchen. 

Ahout 700 are oraploj-'od at tho Stool Equipment 
Corporation at Avonel. There are nxjmero-us large 
factories aiid industries in this metropolitan area 
which offer work to residents of Avencl and Oo Ionia. 
The population is growirig and may so on ho as largo 
as that of In/bodhridgo Proper whidi has ahout 15,000. 
Because of the crowded condition hundreds of ptipils 
must attend tho I{Gas'bey school, six miles away. 

Although there are a n-umhor of small stores 
and a few harhcr shops in Avenel it is largely a 
residential community. Tho First Prcstgrtorian Church 
is the only protestant one serviiig Avonel. i-Iany of 
the Colonia people and a few from other surrounding 
cities attend and support the churdi. At ono time 
Avenel was made -up of a few large estates owned hy 
tho Edgars, tho Ooddingtono, tho Krxig-s, tho Claries, 
the Bloomfields, and otlicrs, according to an Avonel 
•Park descriptive folder of the Lfeplo Bsalty Company. 
Avoncl is tho highest point hctwoon Nov; York City 
and Long Branch, N. J. "Before suMividers "began to 
market Florida lots and hefore Ifontclair, and ex- 
clusive Westchester suburbs wore so popular for 
oomnrutors Avenel was selected for homes for lilow Yorkers." 




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s s s 


^ (D Q) 

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qo o 

1-f cH 

& &g 


tJ ^> S 5h 

o o d d 

I— I f— i f5 -:5 

ri +» iH r-l rH53H 'H -r+H r^ rH rH r-< J^ 54 

3 Ji ^ ^ «^c^ =3 §g ^ .3 c^ ^ ^ iS 


«0 O C\2»H CMcO^INtO 

a> CO OlO 0';I'C>-C^»H 

iH iH 


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IS- cs. 

CO a> 

rH in CO 
vo t- in 

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in 10 


O 0> r-l CO ^ 
CM 0\2tO CO CO 


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to 0> O CM 

rH r-l CM CM 


in CM o o"^ 10 in i> 

^ l> t- CM CM CO o 


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O 00 rH O 

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CM 00 

at to 

r-l CM CO ^ in 

^3* ^i* ^^ ^ ^ 

O iH CM CO "cH 

■^ '^ '^ si* -^ 

CM CM rH Os? r-l CM 

to rH t- OrH rH r-l 
rH CM 

CM CO rH to CO rH CO 

t>- o 00000 

in in 


i>- ^ tb CO CM 

CMrH rH rH 

C2 CO o cn to in to 

fH CM rH CO rH %>! CM 

to ^ Pir.^ 
I S •— - COfT. O rH 

10 tC £- 

l^-^t vn ■-. 

.-: r-l rH 

(36) M!?I2 

ThG story is told of ho-»? vho ^vcbting of the organ 
tread 1g broke during & servicti ~ probably in chapel -; 
on Eto Ooorgo Ave , - and Rtrca John Clarkj, "wife of 
the 3apt,|. took a safety pin f^/om her garter and ', 

quickly repaired the instricaent * ^'^"§^'P^:^i'= ^'^'^S' 
Vfoi, Bft Xiug has played the acooxajanylng pcu-^ since 
1^26.. tBetween 19«85-Er- Lfrsa Heriiiinr- Broime, ^.:ife 
of J. W.ti played t}ie piano ^ At -chct time I'h'^ Bvotme 
was the director,/; For iL-any yeax-s blvso Ki'ug directed 
the Senior jOho.i.£- f-"rom iS?.6 to aboux 1940 or I941« 
Other "*'ii:*eoicro hav.t=- been Howard frree-oha^gh (during 
Dr«> MacBriae'-s tiiiieij Erbu i'e iUzzur, Fr Bcckicy^ 
1^3 c Ec Tarjg.-aictj. and l-irsi Maszur at the present txma^ 
MsnJ'hs Jlu.:irb3t3? IV Bockley, C Bisor.cfx., '/fci. K.-. 
De-ov/eTitor, and' HiKe Ciloc Fo Beckley^ 7io Hu Detweiier, 
H. Grsenhalghj, and W. ^'ittnsboi-t- F, Bevk:ie:;^ J. Ae 
Winq.:-i&tj, GeC'i-ge Loyonmarir, an5. Glen EUai^^ (later 
Edc Giendonning replaced the last men'::-. vied )c 
195- s F. B80k3'-y5 John Oliver. Frank Vigh, and Oo H. 

JP''^'QJ^^2^j£-^^^^^^2}-- ^^^^^ Earl P.':6lL'iers, ?/!l"^«F, 
BGc£ieyjj liL:s^ Fr'lfcViUr. Mr:<^ A* McLr;rmot-J-^ 3ir3* 
C, A, Gal lov;a.y ,> Iviry,. IC. Ta^gort « Mrrjt G-r IMa^-iok. 
and LSr^c r^o Millci/v ^li;-^ ^^'I:^ ~ '^^ Ch^la'^sn^ 
Cho ir ,^ Mro. Sj-'a^:: ■^■epoiouei .^^s our'iv- a^ ApriJ. l{;<-.3 
that there was a •7v:n\o''."' Oir.olry J^.'ii'So H-. J^ Baker, 
Lirsv Viiiv Ba>or^ I^ii-o. Ft I'^t^iZnr, Jir?. 0. A. C-allcway, 
Betty LaBaf^, Jane lvlu0a.*e, l>(irs-. 0.> ilr weieiiing, 
I^Irs. F. Bcol-lcy, M^^'. K-, Bicrly, I.t.\?o F-. Bocidey, 
I/Irs. H. Hansen^ o.iA n-^'So I;Ls.-^ra^ AI30,. lirs- E* 
Llulford^ and I\^e KiicicnCr are to have been choir 
directors- The order of the above is not quite 
correct o l^ksic Committee Chairman, 1952 - F, Beckloy. 
In 1952 the Choirs have the following: Senior - 20; 
Youth - 12; Children's - 25. 

*directres3 of first gowned children's choir. 

The Young People's dioir w.^is goivned Dec, 1941. 

The Senior Choir had gc^m.-^ before tiie other choirs. 

In 1949 additional gov.ns v/orc mcuio possible through 

the efforts of Llrs, D. Davis (newspaper subscriptions.) 

The OFFICIAL BOABDS - June 1952 {37) 

!Kie SESSION (Meets 2d Ohoes., 8jl5, Stud^jr) 

Olaagi of 1952 Class of 1953 Class of 1954 

Fred Becidey . « A. Easmussen "Win, H. Johnson 

J. Bttershank, Sr.# B. F» Sev/ard John E. Itorgan 

Fred Lott vacancy 0. H. \lfeferling 

Caerk of the Session: A. Ercsmussen 
Benevolenoe Treastirer; 'B. F. Seward. 
Oommittoes : Christian >Education r 0. H* \'feferling. 
Communion arrangements, and -Summer Pulpit 
Supply ; J. E. Morgan, llon^s V/ork; F. Lott, 
Music: F. Beckley. JPrustQO Liaison ; J. Et tor- 
shank, Sr, Ushers ; \^. Johnson. 
The DBAOQ HS (Tuesday -« 2d - "by arrangement, 7:00) 
Olaiss of 1952 Class of 1953 ' Glass of 1954 

Mrs» XL Detwollo-r Mrs, F. Brecka Mrs. F. Beckley 
Mrs. \7m. Johnson Mrs. W. Gery Mrs. J. Krutzler 

Mrs. "Carl Nior ' lilrs. E. C. Kohbs Mrs. R, Myers- 
Mrs. B. Seuard ' Mrs. C. Mezera Mrs..\7. \7hitley 
Par^s . - Mrs. ¥m. Johnson. V. P . - J/irs. J. Krutzler. 
Seo.-Treas . - Ifrs. E. llyers. Committees ; Cards 
of cheer and sympathy - Itrs. E. C. Hohhs^ Flowers - 
Mrs. 17. Detweiler. Communion - llrs. F. Brecka, 
I-lirs, C.Nierv Ivlrs. B, F. Seward, Mrs* J. lirutzler, 
Ulrs. \7. Gery and others when needed. Bapt ism - 

Mrs. 'R. llyQTS, and Mrs, B. ^ward. 
> . 

The TRUSTEE^ (Third Monday, 8:00 in Choir room) 
Caass of 1952 Class of ,1953 . Class of 1954 

V/« Falkenstern J, P. ^tershank,Sr. }fer*bert Head, Sr« 
Edward .Ko sic C. H., Jamison , ■ .^dxey Hunter 
N. Plennert Mrs. S. Vigh Stephen Shaffer 

Joseph -Rhodes Mrs.»..0. H» \feferli,ng vacancy 

Pros .- Mrs, S. Vigh. Y. P . - S. Shaffer. Sec - 

Mrs. 0. H. iBferling. Treas . ^ E.. Ebsie. 

Church House Com, «- -H. Head, C.-Jamison, and A. 

Hunter. Grounds - J. Ettersliank, Sr. and J. Riiodes. 

Every Ifemher Canvass - Mrs. 0. H, \7oferling. 

Rules - J. Rhodes, J. Ettershank, Sr. and A. Sliaffor. 

Manso - S. Shaffer. Bazaar - Mrs. S. Vigh, S, Shaffer, 

(38) '■ 195 S QHG /ilTIZ/ITIQUS - 3)irectory 
?2^J^3Ui}-J '^'^ Session, Deaoona, Trustees 
^-■ui-^ij^ao^r^g Mrs. E. layers. Deacon Bspr, 
(giavoli dofj or^x t 0. H. \ifeferling, Supt., Mrs. H» Vtm 
"Ifcnl:, L'jjtc, Mica Sara Donley, Sec, Chester 

DeCiiiatiij-ia, 5!rGaS., G. K. Yo-ung, Asst, ITreag. - 
Dopay-li' Tient SiipGrintGndGnts t 1.1rs« il« l^/WQv, 
Nui'ijo'i'y J LIr a • J. Goorgo , Beginners ; 1^8. 0. Hw" 
WefGrling, Primaiy; IIrs» E« C. 11013133, Junior; 
IfcSo \7« Mbyer, Jr. Hi.; 1>/Irs« W. \7. \7r.rman, 3r, Hi. 
Adult toachors; lllx, and Mrs. P. BocklGy. 
Olio ir a ! Ghildron's / Mrs. C« Mezora, Dir.; Eny 
Wr.rinan^ pianist. Thurs., 3i46. 

Youth,- Mra. 0. Miller, Dir. -accompanist. 
(Dhursdcy, V:00. - 

Senior , Mrs. P. Mazzur, Dir., with Mra. \to« 
B. ,Kpug, organist and Mrs. C. Miller, su'bstitute. 
Thursday, 8815. 
Ladie a Aid Society, Mrs. D. Davis, Pres. 2d Toes. 
Prole cts.! Oan cer Dressing Group, I&s. A. Moore, 
Ghr,, Thurs, 7:00. Plov;er-mc.king group, Mrs* 
Pi Barth, C3ir. 'Ohxesdays. 
Men ^3 Fello w fihip , P. Lott, Sessional Bepr.; Harold 

Pitclieli, Pres. Last Jlonday, 8:00. 
ghe Fir. & I^ s. 01 ub, H. Eeyder, Pres*, 4th \fed. 
Scouts ! Bo^, Troop 41 . IPuosdry, 6|45. 

Of^D, Pa ok 1^4 1\ Auditorium, last ©lurs. 

£^i» ^SS'^J-S.* l^edneaday, 3i30. 
Vfestmin s-t'cr Fol lo\7ship {Jr> Hi and St. Hi), Sun. 

7iC0c Pro'joct: Lilarary. 
Young Ad.u3.t3. 2d and 4th Mondqy, usually in hpmos. 
Youth Counoil * Sundoy aftorndon "by arrangement* 

Church Secretary - Mrs. P. P. O'Connor, 460 lifood- 

laridge Ave. W. 8-2899 -J. 
Sexton - Douglas Seward, &32 VfoodT^ridgo Ave. 

^T 8-2844- J. House Chr . - H, Ifoad 
T ho Minister - !Pho Bav. ¥. ¥. Wtirman 

Church Study: 621 Woodbridgo Ave. \70. 8-1631 
Eesidonco: 631" Woodtridgo Ave., WO. 8-1760 
Church School - 9:30. Chur ch worship - 11:00, 
(jjoxn at iu:00 in summorTr^ 

EIBL 10 GRAPH Y - Publications, Sources (39) 
of Information* 

Church MIMHSS of the SESSION 

Vol, I - 1927 - liHarch 12, 1946 (Boimd) 
Vol. II - April 9, 1946 - (Loose) 

CShtirch Registers 

Vol. 1 - 1927 - 1946 (Bound) 

Vol. II - 1946 - (Loose) 


Ju2ien935 - June 20, 1949 (Bound) 

The IX)OR { mimeographed) 

Pu"blished monthly, Sept., 1941 to 
Dec» 1946 - 25 issues on filoj 
prolDatly incomplete. 

Tiie VOIGH (edited lay F« Bockloy, Jean Do Young 
end J» Joy, Sr. and Jr. - mimeographed) 
Pa"bli3liod weekly - FcTSe 11, 1934 to 
Pe"b» 10, 1935 - no copies for 
Jan. 6, 13, 20 or PoTd. 3, 1935 on 
file. Oat of original church on 
front of four-piige paper with ad- 
vertisements on the "back; information 
and items of inspiration inside. 

V/eokly Report of Youth Activities - Oct. 6, 1946 
to Juno 15, 1947 (14 issues, incomplete file) 

\feokly Church Bulletins - lithographed cover, 

mimeographed inside. 0?he Rev. W, 17, Vfcrman, 
editor. Dec. 1949 to 1952 - complete file. 

yood'bridgo Independent-Loader (novjspaper) 

Rrinceton IHioo logical Seminary - Biographical 
Catalogue, 1815-1932. Puhlished 1933 

All efforts have "been made to have the 
information as. correct as possihlo. Any errors 
or omissions are to "bo ror>orted to the minister. 


Pago • Item 

1 Histoiy, Kov« 10, 1927, Session 1927 

2 Historj, 0?nistcGS, Nance Sunday School, 

(iDrior to 1927). and First Building FiiM 
cJLso First So S. Bailding. 

3 History, Sunday School - cont*- Ministers • 

4 History, Ministers, Qrorch Property. Leeds. 

5 History, Building OonimittOGS>. 1.929 Corner- 
- stone Laying. 

6 History', 1930 Dedication of Church, and the 
1950 Addition to Church - Eemarkc 

7 Hi^'tory, 1949 Ground-hreaking and 1950 


8 1950 Dedication Now 

9 Boll of Pastors - 19 30-52 1. 

10 Boll of Slldorsy Year Elected; Ol-erks* 

11 BdII of Deacons, Year Elected j Tructcos, Year 

Elect edo 
12-23 OorDnr.iT.icant Monhors- Ohronological order, 

19 5 1; uoir^hors marl^Xid xri'di * 
24 "Son;?^'j S'^ryicomen, and 'XtusoOcs, Prosidonts 

.and ^oc.^^ar^ - »28-i:2. • '^ 
25-28 B:>gi.stor of Ivlarriages^ 1950 Building Com, Loans 
29 L'lfjtallation Sor\'loos of Pastors c 
30-21 Soiiie Lo:iatioiis and llemorials since 1929 

32 Aidj Scouts J. Vo C, S« 

33 The Community, Avenal« • 

34-o5 Exports to Gonoral AssomMy - 1927-28-1951 

36 Music .; ■ . ■•. 

37 Off icial. Boards,- 1.952 

38 Organizations, 1952 - directory-. 

39 Bihliography - Puhlications, Sources. 

40 Index ■••',•. 

This historical "booklet is not coiirplotQ 
"but should ho of some valtio for future roforonce. 
The infant "baptisms are not included* Later a 
record of such could ho published* .. \7.. \7#.\7arman. 

Additiond and. Corrections 
to i miE¥ :iIoTOI?.I of the 
PI?3a^ Pffii'Sii^iTEERlT CHUBCH of AVEI\1EL 

Eefoj.' to 

Z - John KeiLvy V/endelken is the full name. 

2 - Bo her t Haviland should read Luke HavilcmA 

2 - Before ISIS there was a small sroup of 

Sunday school pupils under tixe loader- 
siiip of Viola Ellison (who morried 
Philip Den Bleykor, Jr^} which mot in 
the old fire houae on itemsen Ave. 

5 -For more than six years Dorothy Ellison 

{who married C. Mozora] was financial 
secretary for the huildin^; fund of the 
original church, dedicated in 1930. 

5 - A private sewer was laid from the ch-orch 

to Avenei ot. when the chuTch was huiH- 

6 - Tae original (1930) church cost afcout 

9 ~ Clair A. Ilorrow was pastor of Calvary 

rreshyterian Church, Long Eeach, Calv 
after he served Belii^'.ro He received 
a doctor of divinity degree from 
Occidental College in 1947. 
11 - John \h Baigrie was elected trustee, 19 3^- 

15 - Dorothy Sassel-l - a mem.tcr ahcut 1935, 

- Memhers likely received April, 1939; 

I'/Ir. and Iilrso Ifcrry V/. Ilorrison, Lillian 
Rehecca and I;Iarjorie Liirie Ivlerriaoh, ^^k 
ivh:s« Helen Porno roy« 
The Hegistor shows Itrs. N. Aumach, J;Ir. 5'n4 
Ih-s. \7m, Kunio and liolon Kunio as 
members at one time but no dr/hos are 
- B. B. Clark was oloci^od proijidunt of th# 
Board of Trust'jos cxi -[ov.. V^ .' I??/'., x. 
3. Lahr.t was olcc-co^I April 2*=^ 19<,9 , 



SUPPojIilliCEM - continuGd. 

3 J. - Other Do.^.i^.u iono^: \7atGr lino to the 1S30 
'"Th-cufch" -" Ai.i"oro30 Mundy, OommunicTn 
linon from l^o and LIr-c. Co Mclyonsio, 
1351, First liyfiUialG - "Busy Bogs" 
.(llrso A, H. Smith, loadar) ,' 1951 
LGtJorcin^* and rcfnir facing the corner- 
stone! ("bGinc tho j-niirW.e from tlio 
Dc^mavGpJu Union CJrir.pol, St« Goorgo Avg.) 
byKr,. JardinC; of Hriiiv/ay, 1S29 • 
Gradirig groimds in 1930 - Je Hhodos. 
2 pu.lpit chairs - Aid. diristicji and 
Aiicrican flags - Sons and Dauohtora 
of LilDorty, 

32 - Thoro vci^ a Y. O^^S* in 1930. 

33 - The naiiiG LYMEl^' 'iw.y have "bGon tho naiiie 

of a pGrr^on in a no vol or a daiitihtor 
of a man, Savannah, said to bo a founder » 
Othar. information - ■ 

"'' ~ Supor'^^oni-^i'^s since 192? - A. Sclimidt, K. F* 
Jones. Nc Ai.'.tiiaGh- J-. ?» Sttorshank, SroN, lU I'aggart, 
and 0. IL Mofo^lln^^ 

Tho origii'iaJ. pulpit^ {novj tho lo^ibcrn) cost -li^Vo.OO 

In 1930 the tl'uyiooE paid Ol"C j;^0 to tlio Hav;- 
thorno Calvary Baplijt (oolorod; Chur;3h for iho prgaru 

Tho hill for cutciiis' tho- law. foui^ times in 1930 
ua.i OSsOO. Today a poi70.v machino is oporatod by tho 

Somo of tho tiOx±op3t l-bssrs,, Ciogatura, Torry, 
(Dhuruton, u', fl. Boliuo'i'L'i', Harvoy Ayros. Prank Goczo, 
J, Joy^ 3r., \7v Clyde Berry, J. Tosh, and D» Sov/ard. 
H, Iload also servedo 

On Jime 26, 1930 permission was granted the 
Avonol Library Association for tho use of tho lecturo 
room for a locturo on iclevisj^on. 

Appro ximatoly 250 infarr:;? have boon bapt izo d 
since 1930, Tha record ib incoriplote. 

Tho new 1950 addition jtr^ipljjd tho space. 

V/o aro grateful to l^s. Vto. B.'l^rug, I;Irs, C. Iifozora, 

Mr, J. B,' LalDaF, the Bockleys and others for their 
information ahd help uith this history. 


Robert I. Mac Bride, Ph.D. 
1931 - 1940 


Chester A. Galloway 

1940 - 1949 
Chaplain, USNR, 1943-1945 

William K. Mc Kinney, D,D. 

Supply Pastor, 1943 - 1945 

Warren W. Warman 
1949 -